Frame bracing

So you've about had it with your GSX wallowing through turns and that vague steering sensation? And you've already swapped the wheels, swingarm and suspension for something more sporty and up-to-date? Also when adressing the by now acquired extra power of your lump makes it hard to hold your line. Try reinforcing the old flexy GSX frame.

Just about any reinforcement will be noticeable. Generally transforming rectangular shapes into triangles by adding steel tubes will stiffen up the frame. But since there's not a lot of room to put the extra tubes in (engine, battery and stuff getting in the way) certain compromizes will have to be made.
rods 'n tubes A. Ideal in theory but tricky because of interference with the exhaust downpipes..

B. Possible but mounting the fuel tank will need a re-think.

C. Needs careful positioning of tube because of the space needed for camcover removal

D. Very workable since many GSX's have shed their airboxes.

E. No problem welding these tubes on either side in place but doubt if they're any use.. Looks good though..!

Below is a picture of the first bracing I did on the GSX frame.
With the Katana that followed the GSX I took things a step further.
Note the added X-bracing between the front downtubes and the omission of the tubes above the swingarm pivot and subframe which I suspected were no use at all.

Also added an extra tube to connect the front engine mounting plates to remove any side-to-side flexibility. This way the engine can be used to provide stiffness to the front area of the frame.

Along the same lines the rear engine mounting was reinforced by making a more direct connection to the frame. The otherwise free length of the long mounting bolt has been supported by an extra mount.
Another reason for the third mount is that forces created by the chain wanting to pull the swingarm towards the engine can now be put more directly onto the engine itself.

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