Parts for sale

Here's some of the stuff I no longer have any use for that's taking up much needed space.. So have a browse to see if there's anything taking your fancy.. Please contact me with any specific questions or offers..
The listed prices do not include shipping.. I prefer Paypal to keep the payment thing as fast and simple as possible..

    HD clutch basket with s/c gear..     ..SOLD!
Beefed up clutch basket ready for use with a 1100 ratio straight cut gear on the crank as well..
APE backing plate and HD springs installed..
Comes with the crank gear but I found it was slightly undersized resulting in too much play between the gears so better use another one..
The slot in the back plate was cut as a result of balancing job on the whole unit..
On one of the teeth there's a very small chip as is shown in the pic..

    EFE/GS1150 pistons..     ..SOLD!
Used but really nice pistons for the GSX1100EFE/GS1150.. Rings and pins included..
These are EFE pistons so the pins are 20mm..

    Dymag rear wheel..     ..SOLD!
Very nice 6.0x17 H-spoke magnesium Dymag rear wheel.. I suspect it has been repainted once but hasn't been fitted since.. looks absolutely mint apart from just 3 small paint chips on the wheel edges (probably not visible with tyre fitted) which were probably caused during storage.. the brake disc in the picture is not included.. neither is a sprocket carrier (these can still be had from Dymag)..
a classic type magnesium wheel in a modern size so perfect to upgrade your oldschool monster with..
oh.. did I already mention it is vverryy light? ;-) and no, sadly I do not have a front wheel to go with it..

    Alternator cover GSX750 EX '81 c/w stator..     ..EUR50 (or EUR25 stator or cover only)
scruffy but oil tight alternator cover with or without perfect alternator stator.. fits only onto the GS(X)750 engines '81-'84..
it will fit on the 1100 of the same years but won't work because the oilways are in different locations.. also the smaller stator will only work with the rotor of the 750.. just so you know.. ;-)
there are scrapes on the underside of the cover but these are dry so no oil leaking.. no cracks or whatever so perfectly useable cover that would obviously could use a bit of paint or maybe even a polishing job to make the most of it..

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