EFE Rebuild project..continued..


with the assistence of a big pot of grease the parts coming together nicely..  
also put the swingarm in at this point..

in the meantime painting the cam cover with VHT wrinkle stuff..

assembly started.. time to face all the stuff I forgot to figure out before paint..  

both to save on fabricating mounts to go on the forks and also to limit steering movement resistance I reused the stock EFE instrument support.. shortened it as far as possible and altered the fairing mounts to hold the rectangular headlight I already had lying around..

right.. after A LOT of fiddling with making all the last bits actually fit the EFE was finally ready to take out of the workshop (house) and take for a test ride..  
oh btw.. please notice the rear brake hanger and the use of the stock peg supports despite of the much wider swingarm..
oh.. got the ceramic coated V&H quite cheaply from the bay to finish up this end.. still need to make some quieter insides for the muffler though..  

second test run now with sidepanels fitted..
initial carburation is not far off so atm just catching up on riding and leaving  fine tuning till later..
it does pull strongly from 5000rpm so that's just fine..

other stuff still to do: paint on gas tank, finding some nicer mirrors and of course more power  
right.. hope to elaborate more in detail about the EFE soon..

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