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Once upon..
original ad of my bike Starting life not as an 1100 but actually as a 750 because it's originally "just" an '81 Suzuki GSX750 really! But it didn't take long before I realised I wanted more power and its engine was dumped in favour of the one of its bigger brother: an '80 GSX1100EX.
The engine I found was a big bore 1166cc and later I discovered this engine had been fitted with bigger stainless intake valves and other goodies. This proved to be just the start of a long list of modifications I undertook since I tasted the raw power of the legendary aircooled four lump.
First I raised the compression, fitted hotter cams and worked further on the already flowed cylinderhead. A handmade stainless intermediate pipe and endcan were fitted to some nice Cobra stainless steel 4 into 1 headers. Over time spannering away I also learned about other improvements like fitting an oil cooler and other oilpump gears. Also things like GSX-R carbs and filters, and ignition and other things were fitted which seem as a matter of fact now but were all new ground to me at the time.
New terrain was also modernising the rolling gear and exchanging the spindly parts the GSX was originally fitted with. look at that rear end! GSX-R wheels, swingarm and forks were fitted and also the frame was braced in many areas to handle the extra power and improve the handling.
With all of these mods I tried to hold on to the original GSX look of the bike by retaining the old bodywork (apart from the seat) and selecting new rolling gear on its "old school" look. That meant no USD forks and (new WP piggyback) twin shocks at the back. For me this makes for an inspiring bike that is able to keep up with more modern bikes (well, at least in a straight line that is ;-) which is also comfortable enough to ride through dense traffic, narrow city streets and of course blast along twisty dikes!

Original Specs..

As the GSX-project will be going into it's next Phase many of the engine parts like the complete head, the block, the cooler and the carbs have been passed on to the Katana-project..
With the "disappearence" of the Katana most engine parts were lost too.. Recently the GSX-project has been turned into the SkizzoKat-project making use of the modified GSX750 frame..

    Cylinder head
    • 28,5 mm Manley intake valves
    • 24,5 mm Black diamond exhaust valves
    • PM valve springs
    • Guides ground down to match ports
    • Ports worked on (enlarged, cleaned up)
    • Gasket face milled down 0.8 mm
    • compression about 1:11-12 (guestimation)
    • Megacycle cams #385-35 (250 dur. 108 LC's)
    • New rockers (genuine Suzuki)
    • Cometic graphite head gasket
    • Mikuni BST38ss (GSX-R750L/M)
    • Dynojet needles (polished)
    • K&N clamp on filters
    Exhaust system
    • Stainless Cobra headers (cut and welded for tighter fit around engine)
    • Johnson (Jansen) stainless intermediate pipe
    • Home made adsorbtion can
    Cylinder block/ Pistons
    • '85 1100EFE block bored to 75 mm
    • Wiseco K1285 piston kit (1261 cc)
    • Cometic copper base gasket
    • APE cylinder studs
    Bottom end
    • '80 GSX1100EX cases
    • Welded GSX1100EFE crankshaft
    • Straight cut primary gear (1100 ratio)
    • 25 mm rotor taper
    • Narrowed, lightened and balaced rotor
    • Narrowed alternator cover 15 mm
    • GSX1100EFE gearbox
    • Stock EX basket and hub
    • APE backing plate + springs
    • Straight cut primary gear
    • Debben 10 mm offset 17T sprocket
    • GSX750ET oilpump gears
    • Setrab 13 row oil cooler
    • Derale oil filter cover
    • Dyna 2000 ignition
    • Dyna 2,2 Ohm Grey coils
    • Dyna leads
    • Home made wiring loom
    • Yuasa YTX20L-BS !
    • Stock EX/ET instruments and switchgear
    • Daytona oiltemp gauge
    Rolling gear
    • '81 GSX750 frame heavily braced
    • Home made aluminium engine mounts 15 mm
    • Home made footrest mountings (GSX-R pegs,levers)
    • Honda NTV650 side stand
    • '88 Suzuki GSX-R750J forks (15mm internally lengthened)
    • Hyperpro springs
    • flat drag bar mounted to top using TDM risers
    • Narrowed GSX-R750L swingarm with twin shock mounts welded on
    • RK 530 LFO chain 118 links. JT 43T rear sprocket
    • White Power L325 SAVP-T twin shocks made to own spec
    • GSX-R1100K front rim (17x3.5")
    • GSX-R1100H rear rim (18x4.5")
    • GSX-R1100WP Tokico 6-pot calipers
    • GSX-R1100J 310mm discs (modified "floaters")
    • ZXR750 master cylinder
    • Much repaired fuel tank
    • Modified Giuliari seat
    • Stock EX/ET headlight/housing (not pictured)
    • Wheelbase - 1495mm
    • Castor - 67 deg.
    • Weight (no fuel) - 205 kg
    • Weight distribution - 51% front/49% back
    • Power measured at rear - 132 HP (previous 1166cc kit)
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